Nigerian Men Shy Away from Infertility Treatment, Says Dr. Akinola of Royan Urology


Nigerian Men Shy Away from Infertility Treatment, Says Dr. Akinola of Royan Urology

Dr. Oluwaseun Akinola, the chief urologist at Royan Urology, has revealed that many infertile Nigerian men avoid seeking medical help due to social stigma and fear of judgment. Dr. Akinola, a certified member of the American Board of Urology (ABU), emphasized the detrimental impact of these attitudes on men's health and future.

"Many Nigerian men are overly concerned about what others will think when they see them at the hospital, forgetting that their health and future are at stake," Dr. Akinola remarked. "To address this, we have developed numerous strategies to educate them."

Dr. Akinola pointed out that even minor procedures like circumcision can lead to serious complications, if not properly managed. He stressed the importance of awareness and education to mitigate these risks.

The avoidant behavior extends to include a wide range of health issues that have remedies if addressed early. This includes prostate enlargement and prostate cancer as well as kidney stones. We have to preach that "men do not always have to be Macho. So many conditions in Nigeria are caught when they are far advanced and when the opportunity for cure has been missed!".

Royan Urology understands different challenges faced when dealing with issues like kidney stones, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer etc. and offers effective treatments like laser lithotripsy for kidney stones, transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), bipolar enucleation of the prostate and more.

"Health challenges can expose vulnerabilities, and the lack of clarity and education can be very frightening for patients," Dr. Akinola explained. "We have to take the time to thoroughly explain the issues and assist patients in deciding the best course of action based on their values and goals."

Royan Urology prides itself on clinical excellence and personalized care. "Our patients choose us for urologic care because we understand what’s important to them—personalized care, open communication, access to the most advanced diagnostics and treatments, and positive outcomes. It is also important to not treat when no treatment is indicated" Dr. Akinola said.

He underscored the commitment of Royan Urology to offering world-class care within Nigeria. "We believe in providing top-notch care to our patients right here in Lagos, Nigeria and reversing medical tourism and the inconveniences of the need to travel abroad away from one's family" he stated.

Dr. Akinola's insights highlight the need for Nigerian men to overcome social stigmas and the need to pay more attention to their health. Nigeria is blessed with a lot of talented and intelligent Doctors. Royan Urology and the community of urologists in Nigeria work hard and remain dedicated to offering patients world class urologic care within our shores.