Face of Nigeria Queen, Tracy Solomon drills borehole for school in Taraba state


Face of Nigeria Queen, Tracy Solomon drills borehole for school in Taraba state

Winner of the Face of Nigeria Pageant 2020,Queen Tracy Solomon has donated a free borehole to Model Nursery and secondary school, Jalingo,Taraba state.

The outreach, tagged "Providing Access to Clean Water in Taraba State", is the 4th community project launched by the beauty queen turned philanthropist in her effort to curb some of economic stress and challenges experienced in the North-East region of the country.

Located at the heart of Jalingo, the neighbourhood is one of the communities in Taraba state that's struggling with access to clean water. According to the beauty queen, she was moved by the complaints she got from some of the students and natives who complained bitterly about the terrible state of the water supply available in the community.

"As parts of our engagement for this year, we are moved by the plight and terrible state of the water supply available in the school. The truth is, you can live without books, without an education but you cannot live without Water", Tracy revealed during an engagement with newsmen present at the venue for the event.

"This school was built in 1991. The students have never had the privilege of having water for the past 22years.
They spend an average of 4,000naira daily getting water supplied to the school for usage that's is 80,000 Naira a month , which is 960,000naira yearly and equals 21,120,000 Million naira for the past 22years".

Achieving the result of a clean water is way too expensive but this was a project Queen Tracy Solomon took upon herself to execute given her boundless love for children especially those living in unimaginable deplorable conditions.

"I am excited to have provided this clean, quality and portable modern borehole to the school which can also be accessed by the neighbourhood"

"Like to appreciate Sir Kasimu Bushi for his kind support, my Family and all my project crews.

"I encourage well meaning Nigerians to also contribute towards providing basic needs and help revitalize the declining educational system in the country", she added.

The light skinned queen also offset school fees of some of the students, donated chairs, tables and further shared gift items like exercise books, branded school bags and a fully kitted first aid box to the school.

In attendance for the Pet Project include, Taraba state Commissioner for Education, Directors of Ministry of Education Taraba State, Traditional Head of Mayo Dasa and some other Taraba state Government officials.