US-based Nigerian media executive Akeju unveils " Caribbean Grooves" Featuring top stars


US-based Nigerian media executive Akeju unveils " Caribbean Grooves" Featuring top stars

Akeju Abass, a well-known Nigerian American music executive with a history of groundbreaking contributions to the global music industry, is gearing up for another industry-shaping endeavor. Operating under his professional moniker, Akeju, he recently introduced "Caribbean Grooves," an initiative aimed at highlighting Caribbean music and its brightest talents.

This innovative project has brought together esteemed Caribbean icons such as Buju, Bunji Garlin, Nailah Blackman, Stephen Marley, Destra, Kabaka Pyramid, and more. Available on leading streaming platforms like Spotify and Audiomack, this initiative promises an exhilarating blend of Afro and Caribbean influences, delivering a unique sonic experience that transcends borders.

Akeju explained his vision for the project, stating, "This collaboration goes beyond just music; it's a celebration of the vibrant cultures that have influenced our artistry. Working alongside these incredible Caribbean stars has been an inspiring journey, and I can't wait to share our collective passion with the world."

Expressing his enthusiasm for the venture and his goal of expanding musical culture, he added, "I believe in the power of music to unite cultures and bridge gaps. This project is a testament to the rich diversity of musical talent across the globe, and I am honored to work with such esteemed artists."

The collaboration is expected to produce a series of dynamic tracks that will resonate with existing Caribbean music fans while also introducing new audiences to the vibrant sounds of the region.

Akeju has already left a significant mark on the global entertainment industry. In 2020, he launched "Faces of Afrobeats" under his brand, Prime Music Partners, featuring A-list stars from Africa. His talent for curating unique musical experiences has set the stage once again for a project that promises to become a true cultural phenomenon.