PMP: Superstar Davido to headline at Afro Soca Festival in U.S Virgin Island


PMP: Superstar Davido to headline at Afro Soca Festival in U.S Virgin Island

The U.S. Virgin Islands Division of Festivals is set to present an exhilarating line-up for the highly anticipated Festival Village Night, with one of the biggest names in Afrobeats, Davido, headlining the event. Taking place on January 6th, the Afro-Soca Night of the 12-day Crucian Christmas Festival promises a captivating fusion of music and culture, uniting both residents and visitors in celebration.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Commissioner of Tourism Joseph Boschulte shares, "I am extremely proud to witness the action-packed series of Village Nights that the Division of Festivals has curated for this year's Crucian Christmas Festival. Our commitment to expanding the scope of carnival celebrations is evident in our dedication to providing top-tier entertainment for residents and guests alike."

The musical extravaganza commences on December 29, 2023, with the vibrant International Cultural Night, featuring renowned USVI groups such as Stanley & The Ten Sleepless Knights, Spectrum Band, Xpress Band, and Cool Session Brass.

Soca Night, headlined by St. Croix native Adam O and Trinidadian songstress Patrice Roberts, guarantees an unforgettable experience, while Band-o-Rama night will showcase the Virgin Islands' very own Karnage alongside special guest Krosfyah from Barbados.

Director of the Division of Festivals, Ian Turnbull, shares his excitement about bridging cultural gaps, stating, "This year, we are thrilled to bring one of the leading AfroBeats artists, Davido, to the territory for the first time. Our goal of cultural exchange extends beyond borders, connecting us to our roots and transforming our festivals into an international event."

In an exclusive statement, Akeju Abass, the ARDN-UN ambassador and director at Prime Music Partners, expresses his anticipation for the event, saying, "I am thrilled to witness the U.S. Virgin Islands embrace the rich tapestry of Afro-Caribbean culture. The inclusion of Davido in this year's Crucian Christmas Festival is a groundbreaking moment that highlights the festival's commitment to global diversity and entertainment."

As the New Year approaches, the Village will be hosting themed nights, including Latin Night headlined by Charlie Aponte, celebrating the vibrant Latin and Hispanic communities on the island. The Lover & Friends Reggae Night and Sweet Melanin-Ladies Night will feature stunning performances from artists like Dexta Daps, Capleton, Kranium, Nadia Boston, and Virgin Islands native Nikki Brooks. The festival will culminate with headline performances from Alison Hinds and the Queen of Bacchanal, Destra.

The Crucian Christmas Festival serves as a testament to the U.S. Virgin Islands' rich cultural heritage, providing an immersive experience for all attendees. The Division of Festivals is continually striving to elevate the festival's status, making it a globally recognized event.