KO-C, Naomi Achu releases new hit "Naomi"


KO-C, Naomi Achu releases new hit "Naomi"

Renowned Cameroonian artist Njang Mengu Collins, popularly known as KO-C, has teamed up with the celebrated A-list singer and songwriter, Naomi Achu, in an electrifying collaboration titled "Naomi." The pulsating piece of work seamlessly blends amapiano and afrofusion, creating a unique and captivating musical experience.

Produced by the talented Smashlazer, and expertly mixed and mastered by Mixgod Biano in Nigeria. KO-C skillfully serenades Naomi, coaxing out her feminine essence and vibrance.

The track "Naomi" has a catchy and trendy composition that encapsulates the full energy and charisma that both KO-C and Naomi Achu bring to the global stage. The fusion of their talents creates a musical masterpiece that is set to resonate with audiences worldwide.

"Naomi" is not just a song; it's a celebration of artistic prowess and cross-cultural collaboration, showcasing the prowess of Cameroonian talent on the international music scene. With its infectious rhythm and powerful vocals, "Naomi" is poised to make waves and leave a lasting impression in the music industry.

Guaranteed to be one of the hit singles in Africa and beyond, the song is diistributed across media platforms by Prime Music Partners.